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Testimonials: Client Testimonials

I lead quite a sedentary lifestyle prior to visiting OBE Nutrition. My working day meant being sat at a desk for 8 hours a day with little interest in exercise and a basic understanding of the food I was eating, and decided enough was enough.

At the start of my 8 week period, I weighed in at 14st 12lb and needed Claire's encouragement to start gentle exercise and keeping a food diary. 

During the 8 weeks I met with Claire who gave me clear guidance of the foods I should be eating and those to avoid, and regularly exercised, regularly running for 30-40 mins per session to increase my fitness levels whilst trying to eat a healthy diet, making simple changes as recommended by OBE Nutrition. I changed white bread, pasta and rice for wholemeal bread, pasta and rice and I cut down on alcohol and sugary/salty snacks and increased my fruit & veg intake. I was surprised how easy I found this but could see the weight coming off week after week whilst continuing to run and training to take part in the Belfast marathon relay. 

At the end of the 8 week period, my final weigh in was 13st 8lb resulting in a 19lb overall weight loss which I was very happy with. Not only that, but I've managed to maintain the healthy eating and  lose more weight.  At present, my weight is 13st 1lb and am consistently running 10k and really enjoy it. It's hard work but thoroughly worthwhile, and all thanks to OBE Nutrition.

Thanks OBE Nutrition, thanks Claire.

The main reason I had for attending Claire’s nutrition sessions was to better understand the impact of what I was eating and drinking on the overall health of my body.  Through the NUTRITICS programme and following Claire’s simple and straightforward guidance, I quickly saw the effects of small and easy changes in my diet.  Whilst not setting out to change my weight, I was delighted to find that by the end of the sessions I had lost 3lbs.

Claire you are fantastic, you have managed to help me in so many ways, not just regarding weight loss but in really opening my eyes into what i really need to eat! A great relaxed environment! Your a star!! 🌟

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